Remembering Jake Seniuk

The Art Ranger of Webster's Woods

As the developer and first curator for Webster's Woods Sculpture Park, former Port Angeles Fine Arts Center Director Jake Seniuk was often referred to as the "Art Ranger" of the woods.

In partnership with community members, the City of Port Angeles and artistic advisors Seniuk opened the park in 2000. By installing unique and whimsical contemporary artwork throughout this 5-acre forest he sought to create a meaningful conversation between art and nature. He was passionate about cultivating a sense of discovery, building connection through art, and making art more accessible.

A True Visionary and Driving Force

The park represents one of Jake's many accomplishments while serving as the Fine Arts Center Director for over 25 years. During his tenure he oversaw more than 150 exhibitions. With his passing in 2016, Jake left behind a vast legacy as an artist, arts champion, and gifted leader.

WW-Jake Seniuk Sign

The Installation

The installation you see next to the sign is "Remembering Jake Seniuk" by Jyoti Duwadi. As a close friend and creative co-conspirator with Jake, Jyoti created this site-specific piece for his friend. "Remembering Jake Seniuk" is made with earth and colored pigments, river rocks, seeds, found snag, and a Red Flowering Current and was installed in August 2023.

About the artist: Jyoti Duwadi

Born into a family of Nepali poets and writers, Jyoti moved to the U.S. to study political science. After receiving a Ph.D., he began creating art in a wide array of media as well as public art installations addressing social and environmental issues.

Since the 1970's Jyoti Duwadi has created a multifaceted body of work. Jyoti's sculpture, painting, drawing, installation and digital art reflect an openness to chance discoveries. He experiments with an extensive variety of natural materials, including bamboo beeswax and earth gathered from around the world. Simultaneously, the artist transforms ordinary discarded objects - from the humble egg carton to industrial sand belts - into sculptures and paintings. Texture and aroma are often incorporated into his art that can convey humor, playfulness, and a sense of delight.

Jyoti currently lives in Bellingham. Learn more about the artist at