Open Air Exhibitions 

"A Consideration of Color" Open Air Exhibition

Summertide Art Installations 2024

Every summer we welcome new art into the Webster's Woods Sculpture Park. This year 5 artists shared their vision for the exhibition "A Consideration of Color".

Wintertide Light Art Installations 2023
Rare Bloom
Gerry Stecca
Wood clothespins, galvanized wire & paint, 2024
Price: $600
Soaring Eagle II
Greg Neal
Welded stainless & mild steel, 2024
Price: $7,800
Metamorphosis 1
Jessica Bruning and Nathan Shields
Plastic & metal waste,
2024 Price: $800
Gliding Albatross
Greg Neal
Welded stainless & mild steel, 2024
Price: $3,700
The Chroma Zone
Jennifer Kapnek
Aluminum, wood & acrylic, 2024
Price: $10,000
Selected sculptures from 2023's exhibition, "Under the Canopy"
Sčtə́ŋxwən Mákw̕ aʔ
Anthony May
Upcycled Tree Trunk, 2023

The artist says: "The title Sčtə́ŋxʷən Mák̕ʷaʔ (shCH-t(uh)-ng-whuhn mah-QU-ah-) comes from words used in Klallam languages.  It translates roughly as: Earth/Land Grave.  This place-marker of sculpture responds to modern dilemmas where we collectively sever our ties to nature in favor of artificial realities.  My sculpture respects and honors Native American ancestors and their spiritual connections with the land.  The history and language of Coast Salish groups which celebrated relationships with the land is all but lost.  Those inhabitants of the Pacific Northwest recognized unmeasurable value in the connections between humans and nature.  Without reconnecting the formative relations our brothers and sisters held with nature, the present and future of humanity will become lost in the death of Earth and land that supports the existence of all life."

Tracy Beals
Copper Wire, Plum Branches, Bottle Caps, 2023

The artist says: "'Compass' juxtaposes natural and fabricated objects, and plays with the idea of direction. Looking through you might ponder where to go from here?"