Strong Together- An ArtistBook Collaborative

February 9 - March 24, 2024 

Artists interweaved the common threads discovered through conversations- with each other, with their audience, with the universe- into unique mixed media collaborative book works. Their work speaks to the creativity that unfolds when we invite others to the table.

Curated by Jan Dove and Lindsey Shepherd

On exhibit from February 9th- March 24th, 2024

Open gallery hours 11AM- 5PM

"Stronger Together" Showcard 2024

Additional events

Opening Reception
Friday, February 9th | 5:30-7:00PM

Join us to meet the artists and see the new exhibition for the first time. Free and open to the public.

Art Book Binding Workshop
Thursday, February 22nd | 5-7PM

Books are a compact way to store and share information, art, and ideas. In this workshop you will make and exchange art, then learn how to bind it into a book form.

Artwork by McCuistion
Artwork by Larson
Artwork by Parkhurst
Artwork by Gina Pisello

Meet the Artists

  • John Arbuckle
  • Alicia Bailey
  • Alison Birmingham
  • Servane Briand
  • Debbi Commodore
  • Jan Dove
  • Mari Eckstein Gower
  • Lucia Harrison
  • Pamela Hastings
  • Belinda Hill
  • Bonnie Julien
  • Carrie Larson
  • Dorothy McCuistion
  • Laurel Moorhead
  • Randi Parkhurst
  • Gina Pisello
  • Marilyn Stablein
  • Ann Storey
  • Rachel Watson
  • Suze Woolf
  • Ray Zill
  • Deborah Greenwood