Light Art Experience

"Nature After Dark"

Wintertide Light Art Installations 2023

Let your path through Webster's Woods be guided by Light Art sculptures during the dark months of winter! The selected works will be exhibited alongside more than 100 existing sculptures throughout 5 acres of forested parkland, transforming the park with light and color.

November 24, 2023- December 28, 2023

Free! | Lit nightly, 4:00pm-8:00pm

Lightbox Benches
Heather Dawn Sparks
Shou Sugi Ban fire torched cedar, plexi glass, yupo paper, plant fiber coloured paper, lights, 2023 | Price: NFS

The artist says: "We stand on the threshold of change, at the cusp of dusk an alternative world unfolds. Liminal space is where all transformation takes place. The familiar dissolves, as we shape shift in adaptation to new realities. What is invisible to some, takes on mesmerizing details viewed through the hexagonal eyes of the night moths. As pollinators dance, collective underground networks unite. Diverse ecology interdependently grows towards a sustainable path of planetary wellness."

Heather Dawn Sparks
2023 | Price: NFS
Heather Dawn Sparks
2023 | Price: NFS
Jennifer Kapnek
Plexiglass, acrylic, wood, lights, steel, anti-graffiti coating, 2023
Nicole Johnson
Upcycled materials, gauze, ribbon, and fairy lights, 2023

The artist says: "I come from a very creative family and love collaborating with friends to bring ideas to life. I especially love anything that glows which is what intrigued me to this project!"

Night Bird
Nathan Shields and Jessica Bruning
Nylon and wire, 2023

The artist says: "Oh, night bird, keeper of the midnight's gleam, In your presence, life is a timeless dream, A symbol of peace in the tranquil hush, Your home is our home, dark and lush."

Andy Rovelstad
Vertical LED light ropes encased in recycled plastics & forest mosses, 2021
Diadophis Punctatus
Andy Rovelstad and Maya Rovelstad
Sheet Metal, Paint, LED Rope Lights
, 2023

The artist says: "“Diadophis Punctatus', is the Ring-Necked Snake living in our hardwood and confer forests. It can be hard to find these snakes in Washington, they prowl nocturnally and rarely exposes themselves to us in the daylight. They are non-aggressive and despite their secretiveness the Ringneck Snakes are social animals. Many populations exist as large colonies numbering 100 individuals or more, sharing microhabitats with each other. If you come across a Diadophis Punctatus, you may see its unique posture, they will curl their tails and expose their bright red-orange bellies when they feel “threatened” in hopes of scaring you away. Well, that’s what we humans say. Actually, these communities define social and environmental inner connections that are important to all of us – I bet they love sharing that inner glow with each other and want to slither around in a safe and beautiful environment.

We search for meaning through abstraction. Color dominates our inner soul, it glows and communicates the joy of place, the energy of community and the beauty of life. It is constantly moving, twisting and changing as we search for meaning. Diadophis Punctatus is an abstraction of that connection, glowing in the fir trees on the edge of night, dancing with the natural breezes to the music of the woods at the Port Angeles Fine Art Center - Nature After Dark."

Phylogeny- Seedlings of Life
Loreen Matsushima
Mixed Medium, 2023

The artist says: "My installation for Webster’s Woods Sculpture Park contemplates the miracle of life-- a longsighted glimpse of how species may evolve in stressed environments.

The art includes long sinuous plant sculptural forms that “grow” out of a mound or a pile of dead discarded logged tree debris. The plant forms are surreal and phantasmagorical and are installed in the mound to give the appearance of an embryonic seedling that has just germinated. The plant forms are painted with glow paint, enhanced with the aid of black-light. This is reflective of plant types in nature that emit light. Bioluminescence is the production and emission of light by a living organism. For plants and animals bioluminescence is vital for survival and also for reproduction and protection. Species evolve to survive, and the bioluminescence is an example of my developed plant forms that come to life at night."

Emergent Dreams
Tracy Beals
Metal, Plastic and Fabric sculpture with LED Lights, 2021
Elfen Forest Fuchsias
Tracy Beals
Wire, Fabric, LED Lights, 2023

The artist says: "Elfen Forest Fuchsias is inspired by the elven realms in the fantasy novels of JRR Tolkien. A visit there would truly be a magical experience, and my piece strives to create some of that wonder for visitors to Webster Woods. This installation enlarges and brings to life a favorite rain forest flower, the fuchsia, native to the wet coasts of Chile and New Zealand."

Luminous Creatures
Marcell Marias
Fluorescent Acrylic, Stainless Steel, UV Light, 2023

The artist says: "Luminous Creatures is a collection of laser cut fluorescent acrylic creatures stuck in time and space halfway between plant and animal. Somewhat like otherworldly creatures synthesized from the depths of outer space and bottomless oceans. They will glow at night with the use of strong UV lights shining on them."

Tinder Conks
Dustin Fosnot
Sewn together aluminum from tin cans, LED lights, 2023

The artist says: "Recently my work has been dealing with themes of time related to memory, and how navigating different landscapes shapes our perceptions. I am also currently interested in the boundaries that occur between human industry and natural environments, and how these shifting zones influence our history and the decisions we make. I have been working on a series of hand made house structures. These are being installed at various site specific places within the city, they investigate notions around shelter and our relationship to the dwellings we create and live in. I am also currently working on a series of light sculptures and wall pieces made using from pieces of rope and remnants of the fishing industry."

Kim Wennerberg
PVC pipe frame with LED C9 bulbs, 2000

The artist says: "The process of designing and constructing this Large Lighted Ornament is as important to me as is the final result that others see."

More info: 8-food diameter sphere constructed on site from 1/2" PVC pipe with traditional C9 LED Christmas light bulbs at the vertices. The sphere is a geodesic dome type, made popular by Buckminster Fuller in the 1960s.

Justin Kittell and James Sartor

The artists say: "Lamina is a collection of 6 plant leaves made from light. The leaves are made with an LED light strip skeleton, illuminating them. The movement of lights represents the paths that nutrients and water take through the leaf."

Brock Wilmer
PVC, metal, 3D print, LEDs, 2022

The artist says: "As an artist, my goal is to be a channel for experience, to interpret and share ideas through a variety of media. My desire is that the work I create will resonate with people, and contribute to a sense of unity through my interpretation of the intangible aspects of human experience. I want my art to help bring people together, because what we can achieve together is exponentially greater that what we can accomplish alone. I want my art to empower others and challenge the notion that we are alone, insignificant and small."